Aki ArtEz Finals

Night Academy

Aki ArtEz building at University Twente Campus
Aki ArtEz building. Image

Because I studied at the night school, we had our graduation exhibition twice. Once with all the graduating night school students and six weeks later another time with all the graduating students from our year, the Aki ArtEz finals 2010. The night school had an exhibition in our beautiful architectural building on the campus of the University of Twente. This building gave a feeling of a kind of art factory or art laboratory.

Photo’s Exhibition Aki Artez Finals

Preparing the exhibition Aki ArtEz  finals 2010
Preparing the exhibition at Aki ArtEz finals
Aki ArtEz opening speech finals 2010
Aki Finals Opening Speech
Artworks Aki Finals
Artworks Aki Finals
Artworks Aki Finals
Artwork Aki Finals
exhibition at Rijksmuseum Twenthe
Preparing Finals Exhibition at Rijksmuseum Twenthe
Aki Finals
Artworks Aki ArtEz Finals

MUPI Art All Over The City

All students had a photo of one artwork, two meters high in a MUPI advertising column, scattered around the city.

Artwork in MUPI, Enschede City Center

Find the artworks of all the students in this map

Two yearbooks

We had two yearbooks, one from the night school and one from all 2010 graduates. In the night school booklet, one of my works was used on the inside cover of the booklet.

Aki ArtEz Finals Yearbook Night School 2010
Aki ArtEz Finals Yearbook Night School 2010
Yearbook Aki ArtEz Finals 2010
Yearbook Aki Artez Finals 2010

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