Ancient Egypt Inspired Artworks


House of Million Years

At art school, we learned to discover and explore our own sources of inspiration. Because I am interested in archaeology and ancient art, I began to draw the excavated building foundations. In the foundations you can distinguish the different rooms in which you can put all kinds of imaginary stories. I made two paintings of the “house of millions of years” of Queen Hatsheput. A temple to continue to serve the cult of the deceased queen.

Maps and the Flower of Life

Zeshoek 01
Flower of Life

During the time I was working on this, I received a gift of a pendant of “the flower of life.” This figure has been found in several places around the world in ancient civilizations. This gave me a feeling that it must be an important figure and I began to draw and paint it, to discover something of the secret this figure seems to hold.

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